Week 3 EDET 668

How different is your current classroom from the one in which you learned when you were a student?

Technology in the classroom has changed drastically since I was in elementary, middle and high school. In my elementary grade levels, (1997-2001)? I believe the only technology we used was TV, VHS, and overhead projectors. I remember thinking it was real cool to use the overhead. We mostly used it for Daily Oral Language. I forgot when I used my first desktop computer. It had to have been in elementary.

When I was in middle school (2002-2004)? I believe we used the overhead projector, radio/CD player, desktop computer, and VHS. One of my middle school teachers, his name was Mr. B, was doing a unit on poetry. He made it very engaging and fun! We listened to song lyrics, analyzed them, and then were asked to create our own song lyrics. I remember my sister-in-law was my partner and we took the beat from one of Eminem’s songs and rapped. I remember my cousin used his guitar and sang one of Alan Jackson’s song. I remember typing up a lot of papers, and following the writing process.

I remember in my eighth grade year, our high school’s volleyball and basketball team made it to state. To listen to the games, I had to tune into the radio. Now, ASAA has live stream.

High school was pretty much the same as middle school, technology wise. My senior year of high school, we finally got our own laptops. I remember we made our school’s first video yearbook. I still have the disk and like to watch it sometimes.

Throughout my undergraduate years, I was always asked, “How can I integrate technology?” My classroom is way different now than it was 5-10 years ago. Each elementary student in our school district, along with the teachers, have their own iPads, each middle/high school student, has their own laptop. I use ELMO in my classroom to project my screen on my iPad thru AirPlay, and my computer screen. I use a lot of online resources such as BrainPop, ThinkCentral, the Weather app, Class Dojo, I do all my lessons on Planbook, and I use Skype to communicate with those at the district office.

I love integrating technology into my curriculum. It’ s a whole new kind of learning, and the kids love it too. I remind my students, we use the iPads to learn and have fun at the same time. “… while the new culture of learning focuses on learning through engagement within the world,” (Thomas, loc 360). I think what he means by this, is our classrooms are adapting to the new change, and we include students in this change while learning at the same time.

When I was student teaching, my mentor used Edmodo. We were able to communicate with students and parents outside of school. Right now, I’m using ClassDojo to communicate with parents. It’s very efficient, I can message them anytime throughout the school day. I am planning on doing my mentoring project with ClassDojo, to help another teacher learn how to use technology (because she never does). I’ve used online blogs several times to share my teaching experiences, this is my first time using Twitter, and on Blackboard I’ve responded a lot to other classmates.


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3 thoughts on “Week 3 EDET 668

  1. I’ve started use class dojo this year. Have you noticed they have been glitchy lately? On Friday they were down because of system overload. Technology is so helpful, except when it’s not working properly. That’s great your district has so much technology for students as well.


  2. You write about using technology tools that allow you to research, share, demonstrate, plan, communicate, etc. All abilities that teachers of the past needed as well, the difference is that the technology available and used today allows for a more integrated, effective, and efficient experience for the teacher (and the students). Technology tools can give us more capabilities, access, and time for other tasks and activities – which are all important for teachers with their increasingly diverse classrooms, limited time and funding, and curricular demands. I agree that “we include students in this change while learning at the same time.” I believe that is an important role and responsibility for a 21st century teacher!


  3. Technology has sure bloomed in the schools. I am just glad we are able to keep up as much as we are. There are so many schools out there that are behind the times and don’t have the ability to get as much in the classrooms as others. I just learned about classdojo last year. It is a pretty amazing program. I love that it keeps the kids on their toes, behavior wise as well. The home-school communication piece is so important though. At the elementary level we have been staying away from blogging, but we do have our own sites for parents to view and comment on. Maybe eventually we will be blogging with those younger kids, but for now we have left that to the secondary.


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