Week 4 Reflection ED 636

I had a little bit of a challenge writing my literature review. I wanted to introduce what Class Dojo was first, before I dove into the review part. I think the first part of what I talked about will be used as my introduction to my classroom research. I also wasn’t sure about my research questions.

My classroom is not authoritarian; I give my students options all the time to make better choices and chances to change their behaviors from negative to positive. I think this is why Class Dojo works so well for me. However, because I do have such a young age group, I chose what my students would earn points on. I don’t show my “red” points, which are the negative points for bad behavior. They hear the ding and know that students are not on track, and sometimes immediately change their behavior.

I learned that technology based management systems are important as adults of the future need technological skills. Less than half my parents are signed up for Class Dojo. I’m still trying to get the rest to engage. I think the reason some parents haven’t responded is they don’t have Internet access at home. I’ve heard positive remarks from parents who do use it.

I think reading others literature reviews really helps with writing your own. I was struggling getting started, but the more research I did, and reading my peers literature reviews, really helped me.


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