EDET 668 Week 7

Why are all five components of leadership necessary for success in leading through change?

“The ability to inspire people toward a common goal even when they may think it is unattainable,” Walter Hoff. There are five components of leadership that are necessary for success in leading through change. The first is moral purpose. The goal of moral purpose as a leader is to make a positive difference for your employees. “Moral purpose is critical to the long-term success of all organizations, “ (Fullian, 5). Moral purpose is like the vision. “Outstanding leaders see the whole picture,” (Earley, 2015).

The second component of leadership that is necessary for success in leading through change is to understand the change process. Leaders’, who combine the first component with the second, will be more successful, and reveal a deeper moral purpose.

The third component is relationship building. Leaders must be excellent at building relationships with all individuals or groups. When relationships progress things get better. The fourth component is knowledge creation and sharing. Knowledge creation and sharing is how leaders generate and build knowledge inside and outside the organization. The fourth component cannot work without having mastered the first three components. The last component is coherence making.

The five components of leadership are necessary for leading through change, because leaders can make their team feel that they can tackle even the most difficult problems efficiently. From a school perspective, if a leader efficiently incorporates the five components, good things like higher students performance, less turnover for teachers, increased involvement with the parents/community, more engaged students, and an all around satisfied school. “Leaders will increase their effectiveness if they continually work on the five components of leadership… if leaders do so, the rewards and benefits will be enormous,” (Fullian, 11). “Your leaders can build valuable links both within the organization and with customers and suppliers in order to gain bottom-line and top-line returns,” according to an article called “Key Components of Leadership.” I agree because I think when a leader uses their leadership wisely, the results will benefit everyone.

These are the reasons why the five components of leadership are necessary for success when leading through change.


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2 thoughts on “EDET 668 Week 7

  1. Genevieve- I agree that that with a good leader then the team can feel like they can combat the most difficult problems. With that comes the benefits that you listed such as: students higher performance, less teacher turn over, increase community involvement and everyone is satisfied. Good job!


  2. Yes! Good leadership trickles down to everyone. If we have a good leader then you have a positive environment to work in. With happy people you get willing people who desire to continue to be happy. This opens the door to change.

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