EDET 668 Week 10

Explain and give examples to argue why the following statement is true or false: “Get the right people on your team, and get the wrong ones off.”

Getting the right people on your team and getting the wrong ones off, I think is a false statement. “Building a company is really about building a culture. A great team doesn’t mean necessarily build a great culture, but a great culture almost certainly builds a great team,” according to Forbes. I think what this means is that even if we have the “wrong” person on our team, the culture or atmosphere in the workplace can have a positive affect on that person. If the “wrong person” feels included in the organization and contributes to the organization’s purpose, they become connected to something deeper (Fullan, 52). “The desire to contribute to a larger purpose, to feel they are part of a great whole, a web of connection.”

“The key to getting the right people on a team is to be clear about how the team’s performance will contribute to that of the larger organization, and then making sure the right people are in place to make that happen,” according to Malan. I think what Malan means by “right” person, is who is more qualified and can benefit the company. I agree with Malan, that hiring the more qualified person is important, but in terms of the “wrong” person, who can be equally qualified, but with different morals, should still be considered. I like to believe in the good of people. If the organization has strong relationship building strategies, and if that person feels connected, I think they can change.


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One thought on “EDET 668 Week 10

  1. I totally agree with you! Having the right culture can completely change a person from being the “wrong” one to being the “right” one. We need to give them the opportunity to shine. We all have the same goal in mind, our students and their successes. Having the right person in the right job can mean all the difference for our students. Just like having the right doctor working on an operating table, I want the right teachers teaching our youth.


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