EDET 636 Week 11

How will you format and disseminate your research?

Do explain the format you will use for the final report (include sections) – who your audience will be – and whether and how you will disseminate this beyond the audience for this class

The first thing I’m going to do with my final report is choose my audience (Fox, 2013). Deciding who my report is for is important because having an audience tells us what substances to include, what to emphasize, and the level and complexity of abstractions needed to convey essential facts and ideas (Merriam, et.al, 268). My audience will be the teachers in this class and my professor.

Dissemination can be best described as the “delivering and receiving of a message,” “the engagement of an individual in a process,” and “the transfer of a process or product, or in other words, “to disseminate,” means what it is we are trying to achieve by doing it, (Harmsworth, et. al , 2000). I’ll explain what Class Dojo is, the purpose of it, it’s structure, tools, etc., as if a teacher who has never heard or used Dojo before is skeptical of starting it.

The format of my study will have five sections. Section 1 will be my introduction. In my introduction I will present Class Dojo, class demographics, etc. , “the gap,” the purpose of my study and my research questions.

My literature review will be in section 2.

In section 3, I’ll present my methodology. I’ll introduce my respondents, classroom environment, etc.

In section 4, I’ll summarize my findings. I’ll restate my questions and discuss the results.

Lastly, in section 5 will be my conclusion.

Update of data collection:

I changed up some things with Class Dojo, as I realized how they were being ineffective with student engagement. I saw what disengages students, and I’ve recorded multiple incidents’ where it happened. The behavior was repetitive when I was using the negative behavior sounds. The student would break down entirely after hearing that he lost a point. It would take him the whole class period to get back on task. I decided that I would not use the negative sound anymore. I have not had any breakdowns so far.

Another thing I’ve changed was my point system. My students were able to earn up to 50 points. They never reach that many points in a week. I decided to change it to 30, but with the same rewards. The most points a student has earned in a week is 25 (give or take).

My data has been repetitive. I’m getting the same results. I stopped collecting data on Monday the 9th because I feel like I’m not getting any new information, that will benefit my study.


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4 thoughts on “EDET 636 Week 11

  1. Tristan

    I feel like my class observations are the same. I know who does what, who influences each other etc. I have like five weeks of data to go through, I don’t know how I ended up with that many weeks. Maybe I should’ve stopped earlier like you did. I like how you lowered the points system for your students so that they can be successful. Changing things up that have been unsuccessful and realizing how these changes benefit the students is something I have also been discovering through this process.


  2. I’ve noticed the same thing with the observations I’ve been making. They are definitely repetitive. I think the most useful piece of data I have collected has been the open-ended surveys I gave my students this week.

    Your format for your paper is very similar to mine. I need to think about who will be reading mine as I write, to make sure it is audience-appropriate. That is one thing I didn’t really touch on this week in my post.

    Have you thought at all about sharing your research with anyone outside of this class? I’ve started toying with that idea, and think it would be beneficial for us to see our research in a different light based on a different possible audience.

    Good job this week!


  3. Sara Lucas

    My data ended up being the same as well. For my study, I think really it ended up being the same because the newness wore off. Twitter was really fun at first but then it became repetitive. I think this really shows that as teachers we really need to constantly change things up to prevent boredom. I think this is similar with class dojo as well. At first they are all on task because it is new and then once the newness wears off the students aren’t quite the same. They still work for points but not as hard as they did at first.

    I think the negative points in class definitely lead to the student not getting back on task. I have noticed this in my middle school classes. If they notice someone else getting points and they aren’t they are more likely to switch their behavior than if I take away points. I usually show points at the start and end of class. This way I can take away or add points without the whole class knowing. I usually mention that I am giving points to certain students because they are doing what I asked.


  4. I think it was very wise of you to eliminate the negative sound. I have been told by many people smarter than me that, “We get what we pay attention to.” It sounds like the negative sound is paying attention to the negative, so you end up getting more negative. Focusing on the positive may be harder, but so much more effective.


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