EDET 668 Week 11

What is the role of knowledge creation and sharing in a healthy educational organization?

“Information becomes knowledge only when it takes on a social life,” (Fullan, 78). This statement is true in most cases. When you’re sharing your knowledge with your peers you’re collaborating, you’re building on each other’s knowledge, and getting new ideas. “Information only becomes valuable in a social context,” (page 78). This is why creating and sharing of knowledge with your team is important.

In an article titled, “Why Your Organization Should Support a Knowledge Sharing Culture,” they give three recommendations of how to move towards a culture of knowledge sharing.

  1. Make it safe: this means to create a climate that reassures those who share knowledge won’t be at risk for sharing their knowledge and ideas. According to the article studies have shown how people are afraid to share their ideas.
  2. Make it count: to jumpstart knowledge sharing, they advise on starting an incentive program.
  3. Make it social: this is where you make the knowledge sharing social. People tend to participate more when creating or sharing knowledge includes social contexts.

The role of management in knowledge creation is very important. Administration should encourage knowledge sharing and allow new knowledge to be created through interaction, practice, and experimentation. How can we create a knowledge sharing culture? By making knowledge sharing the norm (Gurteen, 99).

Update on mentoring project:

My mentor and I have a routine now, she comes over to my classroom and we update our Dojo board. We talk about the strengths, and what we can do to improve class dojo in the classroom. She doesn’t use the ipad, she is still using her computer to keep track of students points. I tried getting her on the ipad; it hasn’t worked. She’s okay with using the computer to track student behavior.


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2 thoughts on “EDET 668 Week 11

  1. I think everyone quoted Fallen on that same line. It is so true that you need that social life connection. We need to demonstrate this to our students as adults and implement it in the classroom as well. I am glad your mentee has found a comfortable way to use Class Dojo. Have you contacted IT in regards to the ipad? There are several teachers in my building who use an ipad for this app. They love it.


  2. Those three recommendations can also be said about learning in the classroom:
    *Make it safe for students to learn and share – to try new ideas, challenges, and take risks.
    *Make it count for students to learn and share – it should be relevant, meaningful, and rewarding,
    *Make it social for students to learn and share – make room for feedback, interaction, collaboration, accountability, and celebration.
    If we ask students to do all these things and work towards this type of learning environment, then we must model this knowledge creation and sharing ourselves!


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