EDET 636 Week 13 Reflections

I liked that we had to review two others’ action research papers. I learned so much from my peers about how they integrate technology and the rewards in the end. It’s definitely a lot of work in the beginning, but the results are all worth it.


In reference to 3c, I thought you did a great job stating your research question. You also did a good job about going back to your question in your report. I would give you a target rating for this standard because you clearly state what resilience is and why it’s important in student education. You also give excellent pointers for teachers on how to teach resilience.

2f: I think using Chibitronics to help students build resiliency was a great idea. You were very descriptive in your lit review, explaining what resilience is; and then you go on to explain how you will use Chibitronics to help build student resilience. I would rate you as target.

2h: Target rating- Your data is present. You clearly state that you added some new things during the research and how it helped your study. You also do a great job of referencing your resources.

2g: I think the only thing I didn’t see– unless I missed it, was referencing your appendix. Ex: when giving your students their daily survey, it might be good to reference as (App. 1), or something similar.

Great job Cherie! I can really see how your class is more resilient and your days are running more smoothly than beginning of the year!


Kahoot sounds like an excellent tool to get students attention and stay engaged. In your lit review I didn’t see that you stated your research question. I read it, I think once in your report. I’d like to see you bring up your research question more than once, just to reiterate what it is and that you’re research is answering your question.

I really like that you explained how Kahoot allows you to see who is on task and participating. That’s an excellent tool for seeing who is understanding the learning goal.

There were several times you mentioned surveys, but I didn’t see any references to the figures or appendixes. I saw one reference, but no visual representation in the end.

I thought the survey was another excellent way to collect data. The results from your students are great! I’m glad it all worked out and that you will continue using it in the future!



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