EDET 637 Week 1 Reflection

This week, I learned that differentiating instruction could mean many things. I learned that there is four elements teachers should consider when DI: content, process, products, and the learning environment. These are very important things to consider. I learned that it’s also very important to get to know your students. For instance, have them complete student surveys and learning about your students’ likes, dislikes, family/cultural background, learning styles, etc., because it’ll affect how you differentiate instruction and the way your students’ understand the content.

One thought on “EDET 637 Week 1 Reflection

  1. Hi Genevieve,

    I noticed that you referenced Carol Ann Tomlinson. I just happen to have spent today in conference session with her as presenter. She talked about the importance of getting to know our students. She talked about the growth mindset and referred to a specific teacher, Dorian Sackman, whom she referred to as a warm demander; defending this a someone who does not put up with any messing around–and most importantly loving them unconditionally and expressing clearly to her students that she believes in them. From this starting point, she teaches in a way that is designed to draw in each student and lead them to grow, beginning with where they are: Here is a video clip of her as referred to by Carol: https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/meet-dorina-sackman-2014-ntoy-finalist

    Dorian expects students to learn and gives them a reason to grow.


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