EDET 677 Week 1

Essential Question: Do you believe Constructionism brings any new ideas to the table as a theory of education? Why or Why not?

Constructivism is essentially a theory about how people learn. “It says that people construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world, through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences,” according to Constructivism as a Paradigm for Teaching and Learning. “The learner constructs knowledge inside their head based on experience… knowledge does not result from receiving information without enduring an internal process of sense making,” (Martinez, et.al, loc 397).

I do think that constructionism brings new ideas to the theory of education. “Learners need to do something… learning involves the learners engaging with the world,” (Hein, 1991). “The real cause of failure in formal education is therefore essentially the fact that one begins with language instead of beginning with real and material action,” (Martinez, et.al, loc 424). Piaget said not to present students with pre-organized vocabulary and concepts, but give students a learning environment based on action.

Everything we know and use today, would not be what it is without the influences of amateurs. I think that constructionism is the foundation, or beginning of new innovations. “Hackers believe that essential lessons can be learned about the systems, from taking things apart seeing how they work and using this knowledge to create new and even more interesting things,” (Martinez, et.al, loc 498).

I agree that learning is achieved through experimentation, practice and exposure to the real world. “Hands-on learning offers flexible opportunities for students to learn in their personal style,” (Martinez, et.al, loc 613). “New technologies can vastly extend and reinvigorate the best traditions of student-driven design and construction,” (loc 709).



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One thought on “EDET 677 Week 1

  1. I thought about the idea as a whole and couldn’t see how it was new. But your post explains that. It is new it the fact that the theory helps change how educators think about education. Without it we probably wouldn’t be considering the maker movement, project based learning, or other similar ways student centered learning. I am in agreement with you when I think about it like this.


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