EDET 678 Week 1

Essential Question: How do we define Emerging Technologies?

“Emerging technologies are tools, innovations, and advancements utilized in diverse educational settings to serve varied education-related purposes,” according to Veletsianos. Educational settings include distance delivery, face-to-face, and a variation of educational instruction.

Emerging technologies are any “new kind of technologies that are currently developing, or will be developed over the next five to ten years,” according to www.businessdictionary.com.

New and emerging technologies will impact our classrooms. As educators it’s important that we stay informed and aware of what we could be implementing or how our curriculum may change. Emerging technologies will substantially alter the business and social environment. “These include information technology, wireless data communication, man-machine communication, on-demand printing, bio-technologies and advanced robotics,” www.businessdictionary.com.

“21things4teachers” created a list of websites (including themselves), which teachers should visit to stay up-to-date on ET. The list includes:

The Maker Movement, which is a great example of constructionism, is learning by doing or making, and it is currently trending in classrooms (Edutopia). BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), is another ET that it trending. More and more school districts are implementing BYOD policies “21thinkgs4teachers.”


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One thought on “EDET 678 Week 1

  1. Great idea to list some websites to stay up to date. We live in an ever changing technological world and we sometimes get lost in the updates. Seems like yesterday there was Windows ME, XP, and (gasp) Windows 2000, (louder gasp) Windows 95! I enjoy a smartphone like everyone else, but to have an updated iPhone every 6 months is getting a little ridiculous. The new iPhone 7 is coming this September. The first iPhone was introduced in 2007. I can’t wait to get this new one. 🙂


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