EDET 678 Week 2

EDET 678 Week 2

Essential question: What do you see as the promise of Open Learning as an emerging technology/pedagogy/philosophy?

According to webopedia.com, open learning is “an approach to learning that gives students flexibility and choice over what, when, at what pace, where, and how they learn.” Open learning is described as learning that takes place in a shared manner, where individuals can reuse, remix, redistribute and revise the learning with others (Graham, et.al, page 2). Educators and learners collaborate, connect, and build on each other’s knowledge.

Not only does open learning allow teachers to make courses available online, but to ensure that students who are participating in them, are engaged in a meaningful, engaging, constructive and a transformative learning experience, “Open Learning Pedagogy and Educational Values.” The article lists three pedagogical foundations in their open learning philosophy:

  1. Student empowerment, to foster deeper learning through intrinsic motivation,
  2. Authentic, active learning experiences which go beyond publishing content,
  3. Community and connectedness, to provide a social platform with the best support, encouragement, knowledge sharing, and engagement.

What I see as the promise of open learning in emerging technologies, are individuals getting the educational experience they desire through online interactions with other individuals. The fact that we can earn a degree online because of this revolution; has changed the higher education system.

However, because open learning requires you to publicly post things online, be intrinsically motivated, and have the skillset to do these things on your own, it makes it difficult in a K-12 setting. If students are taught how to learn, they will have the power to take over their own learning experiences “Open Learning Pedagogy and Educational Values.”

I see this shift happening in our school district. Next year, I believe they will be doing distance delivery classes for high school students. I think this is a great start to open learning. Not only will students be familiar with online classes when they leave high school, but also it’ll teach them how to take responsibility in their own learning.


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2 thoughts on “EDET 678 Week 2

  1. I am glad to hear your school will be offering online classes. The problem is the willingness to share something you have created with the rest of the world. That is the next step for you school to get to open learning.


  2. I hope it is every teachers’ goal to instill a sense of self learning to students. I have to be honest. I get students in my high school math classes that have the idea that I am the SOLE individual that can teach them math content for the class. I am told, “It’s your job to teach us math!” I don’t know where they get this idea. But it is definitely instilled in them. I suppose I am lucky that I feel that I can learn anything that I have the desire to learn. I don’t need someone to be in front of me to learn something new. It is a struggle to instill a desire for students to learn on their own. To be motivated to research, investigate, and work independently for their knowledge.


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