Reflection Week 4

This week we learned about Maker Space, and the benefits of incorporating it in k-12 classrooms. I learned that having a Maker Space classroom is not only fun for everyone, but it gets students working hands-on and with no rubric to follow. Tricia made a really good point in her response that it “promotes social interaction while the inventors collaborate with each other.” I read that during Maker Space, it is not our duty to tell students they are doing their project right or wrong, but to have students talk to each other and build on their conversations, editing their projects as needed. I think a good way to put it is we are there to “supervise.” Every Friday in my classroom, I had an “art day.” Except before our art project, I would make a sample, and prepare all of the materials beforehand. The problem here is that I didn’t give my students opportunities to get creative and do their own artwork. It would be interesting to see what they come up with on their own (our art projects were animal letters of the alphabet/letter of the week).


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