Week 7

EDET 678 Week 7 How can 3D printing change the way we think about education?

3D printing can change the way we think about education in many ways. The first is its benefits. 3D printing captures the interest of students. Not only will you move away from text, but also students will stay engaged by hands-on experimenting. According to the article “3D Printing For Schools,” it will also stimulate interaction during class. Your classroom will be “instantly transformed into an interactive learning experience.” For instance, students will get to see, hold, and test their ideas in real space, according to the article “Integral to Discovery.” Instead of drawing a model, you can print it for a more visible and tangible experience.

Another way 3D printing can change the way we think about education, is its value to the real world. For example, “Kids will learn to solve problems through physical prototyping… Their mindset will change as they will learn to embrace failure as these failed prototypes allow them to improve their designs quickly,” according to “3D Printers for Schools.”Not only with 3D printing teach our students to embrace failure, but also it’ll teach them the legal and ethical consequences, (Federico-O’Murcho, 2014).

“Bringing 3D printing into the classroom exposes learners to the same cutting-edge technologies they’ll encounter in their careers.” 3D printing will give students a jumpstart on tomorrow’s challenges, according to “Integral to Discovery.”


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One thought on “Week 7

  1. I like how you mentioned how 3D printing can help students learn to successfully fail. I think that with all the different technologies we have students may have reservations about using them. They may think that since they don’t know how to use it they may fail and therefore what is the point of trying. It’s very powerful when students overcome their fear of failure.


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