Week 9 Reflection

I’ve heard the term BYOD before (in a previous class I took), so it wasn’t completely new to me. Josie listed some challenges about BYOD to school; forgetting a charger, teacher/IT not able to fix technical issues, teacher unsure of how to use the apps, etc. However, I believe these challenges out way the benefits of BYOD. BYOD like Camille says; “increases efficiency, flexibility, authenticity, connectedness, communication, and leads to a more positive school climate where students, teachers, and administrators are working together.” We all bring our devices to school, and not having them utilized is a waste. I bring my phone to school, but never use it because outside devices cannot connect to the school’s wireless. It’s blocked. Only school devices are able to connect to the WiFi; which I dislike. I’d like to see our school district implement a BYOD policy. I think it’ll benefit everyone and increase student and staff communication, collaboration and motivation.

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