Week 11 Reflection

This week we reflected on ourselves as educators in this 21st century. I learned more from reading my peers’ blogs and had some realizations about myself than when I was writing my own blog. Amy mentioned the 4 C’s: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. I totally agree with her that these four components are needed to learn in this 21st century. Catherine made a really good point how teaching in this new era isn’t about how we present our material with technology, but it’s how we use these tools to help our students meet the 4 C’s. I liked that the book listed a bunch of resources. I plan on utilizing those resources in the future. We are in charge of our own education and I realized that we are also in charge of how we teach. Sometimes I’m afraid to try these new things, in my classroom but because of these classes I’ve been taking, I feel more confident and eager to do so. This upcoming school year, I plan on using chibitronics with my students. I’m so excited!


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