Reflection Week 2

This week I realized that I apply all three theories (behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism) in my classroom. In my blog I said I was more of a constructivist than the other learning theories. That’s false. After reading Josie’s blog, I came to the realization that being a constructivist teacher is what I strive to be. I teach K-1 and with our curriculum, much of what I do in the classroom is based on the behaviorist and cognitivist learning theories; especially since my students have to see firsthand what my expectations are. I learned from Amy, that to be an effective online teacher, we have to apply all three learning theories (not just in the classroom). When my group was teaching the lesson, I noticed the small things like transitioning, answering questions, etc. It is so much easier in the classroom than synchronously. I look forward to learning new ways of being an effective online teacher.

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