Reflection Week 4

This week we read about successful and unsuccessful OCL institutions and oCOPs . I’ve experienced both OCLs and oCOPs. For instance, this graduate program we’re in is an example of both OCL and oCOPs. We are all in the same field, interested in the same things, and working towards a common goal. I have had experience with the negative aspects of OCL. For instance, the Internet not working, or Blackboard is down. There were times I had to call in with a landline to attend class because of technical difficulties. Dan made a good point that to teach an online class, you have to be tech savvy, and that it takes a lot of prep work! I agree with his statement because, when I use technology terms with coworkers, they don’t understand what I’m referring to and we end up having a hard time collaborating and building on each other’s knowledge.

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